Video: Columbia Professor on Effectiveness of Self-Understanding

Learn how Columbia Business School Professor of Management, Dr. William Klepper, has seen leadership growth with TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility and EQ programs in his Executive Leadership and MBA courses. People need a sense of self-understanding in order to understand others. This series of videos gives a glimpse of the impact Social Intelligence can have in the classroom and workplace.

“I think we all suffer from the lack of what I call ‘introspection.’ It’s so easy to project what we think people want us to be, but once you find that core of self, that’s a foundation you should be able to build on.”  — Dr. William Klepper, Columbia Business School Professor of Management

A lot of people lack authenticity and it’s not that they aren’t outwardly authentic, it’s that they don’t know who they truly are themselves at their core. Dr. Klepper likes to have people experience TRACOM’s programs so they are able to better work with themselves and others. It’s important as a leader to know how to lead and who your followers are. And your can’t do that without self-understanding. Once you understand yourself, you will be able to better understand others.

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Training Programs

At TRACOM, we offer 4 programs: SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility, and Behavioral EQ.

SOCIAL STYLE for Communication helps individuals and organizations:

  • Boost communication to enhance collaboration
  • Establish rapport with others
  • Work effectively with everyone

Adaptive Mindset for Resilience helps individuals and organizations:

  • Reduce fear associated with workplace change
  • Overcome negativity that undermines progress
  • Develop techniques for managing stress

Personal Agility for Innovation helps individuals and organizations:

  • Jumpstart creativity and innovate
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Create positive change organization-wide

Behavioral EQ for Emotional Intelligence helps individuals and organizations:

  • Understand emotions of yourself and others
  • Enhance empathy among employees
  • Build strong relationships at all levels

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