Global Sales Executive on Developing A Strong Sales Professional

Ernie Smith is the Vice President of Global Sales Enablement at Cognizant, one of the world’s largest professional services organizations.  He talks about how Cognizant includes SOCIAL STYLE as a key skill that effective sales professionals need.

Key Skills of Sales Professionals

Ernie Smith shares some insight on what skills every sales professional needs:

  • Inquiry
  • Advocacy
  • Storytelling

How does SOCIAL STYLE help build these skills?

Ernie has embedded SOCIAL STYLE into every training program taken by their sales professionals. To be a good seller, you must know who you’re talking to. And by going through the SOCIAL STYLE training, you are able to learn others’ STYLEs. This give sales professionals an advantage to connect with you in more ways than one. Whether it’s through a shared STYLE or just knowing how to talk to specific STYLEs, TRACOM’s program can help!

To learn more about TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE program, click here!


Ernie has implemented SOCIAL STYLE to be taught at the beginning of training at Cognizant. This was it is engaging if you’ve never heard of it and in some ways it’s fun to learn more about yourself. Especially when you take the test to see how versatile you are and those scores come back and surprise you.

“Without fail I am stopped by one of the people that have been through one of our programs to talk about the impact SOCIAL STYLE has had on their life.”

When people aren’t versatile, they’re not an asset. So TRACOM helps change that! TRACOM gives people the skills they need to be more versatile, resilient, likable, and the list goes on and on! Instead of focusing on how to improve just yourself, TRACOM teaches you how to improve your view on others, adapt to tougher situations, deal with stress, and more! To sign up for a showcase on SOCIAL STYLE, click here!

Cognizant Feedback

After Ernie asked people who went through the SOCIAL STYLE training, he heard nothing but positives! The course was

“Engaging!” “Valuable!” “It’s a real part of the Cognizant way to sell!”

So don’t wait, and get engaged with TRACOM’s valuable training so your organization can be ready to make an impact!

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