Webinar: Resilience, The One Skill You Need From Every Employee

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How do we manage our emotions and behaviors when we experience obstacles that society and business thrust upon us?

The answer is by becoming Resilient, the skill that’s most required to deal with change, improve leadership, drive engagement and enhance diversity and inclusiveness. This dynamic webcast reveals the power of teaching this foundational skill at the individual level, which leads to lasting change at the organizational level.

In this webcast, you’ll learn to:

  • Recognize the cognitive biases that hold us back from naturally being more Resilient
  • Apply strategies in your organization that change employees’ behavior to increase Resilience
  • Use Resilience Training in your role as an HR or L&D leader to help workers cope with stress and enhance their strengths and skills, impacting your entire organization

How can we better understand our biases and change our behaviors to become more Resilient?

Tune in for this discussion with Rick Kerner, Organizational Development Consultant at Victaulic, and Dan Day, TRACOM’s Director of Client Success.