Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Feedback from a Multi-Rater

While self-assessments are inexpensive, quick and a good introductory way to learn the basics of any training program, the enhanced value of a multi-rater is undeniable.

When individual self-perception is combined with others’ perceptions, a much-more accurate picture of an individual’s working style and relationships is achieved. TRACOM’s research has established that in more than 50 percent of the time, most of us view our individual SOCIAL STYLE differently than others view us.

Yet, oftentimes people can feel anxious about receiving a multi-rater profile out of fear that their peers may evaluate them negatively. The first piece of good news is that there is no “good” or “bad” SOCIAL STYLE. Each of the four Styles displays positive and negative characteristics when working with others, and research shows that people of any SOCIAL STYLE can be successful in any profession. While there are some professions that certain Styles may be more naturally inclined to, anyone can excel in any job function. The key indicator of success is Versatility.

The second piece of good news is that even if you are profiled by your peers as having low Versatility, your score was determined through normative measures and you are being compared to an ever-expanding number of working professionals, many of whom already have much higher Versatilities than your average joes. Even if you find your Versatility score in the lowest or second lowest quadrant, you already show potential in your Versatility, there is just room for improvement.

The best way to learn what are strengths and weaknesses is through the opinions of others. We have a skewed perception of ourselves. Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves, we see ourselves more negatively than what we really are. On the contrary, sometimes we might think we have a skill mastered, when in reality, others think we could use much improvement.

Living in an ill-informed state isn’t helpful on either front. If you are falsely thinking negatively about yourself, you are likely not giving yourself the credit you deserve or developing the confidence to attain greater achievements. If you have an inflated view of your abilities you are likely not developing key skills necessary to progress in your career.

So for those who have anxieties or fears of receiving a negative evaluation through a multi-rater profile must ask themselves what’s worse. To go through life blindly thinking either positively or negatively false presumptions about ourselves? Or to gain further insight and to either appreciate and give ourselves a pat on the back for our accomplishments or learn how to develop skills that we might not be as good at.

That is why a Multi-rater assessment provides the most comprehensive view of an individual’s abilities and the best foundation for learning.  Muli-Raters give us insight into ourselves that we don’t always see. Learners have been highly receptive to this type of feedback as, for many of them, it is the first time they receive feedback on their performance and get to make improvements based on how others see them.

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