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Which Industries Have the Best People Skills? New Infographic

People with high Versatility are good at building relationships and working with others. So it’s no surprise that the industries with high average Versatility are highly dependent on relational skills and people skills.

Download a PDF Version of this Infographic Here


So what exactly is Versatility? To understand Versatility you must first understand SOCIAL STYLE®.

For more than sixty years the SOCIAL STYLE Model™ has been the world’s most effective behavioral style model. It identifies four unique Styles: Amiable, Analytical, Driving and Expressive. Each of these Styles have their own behavioral patterns and preferences.  Understanding those preferences  allows you to modify your behavior to make others more comfortable. This is known as Versatility, and it is strongly linked to career and business success.

For example, managers with higher Versatility are 27% better at leading teams, 25% better at coaching others and 19% more likely to be promoted.

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