Webinar: Employee Engagement, When the Honeymoon is Over

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Hosted by Human Capital Institute

Organizations now spend more money than ever before on engagement programs, yet engagement levels are at historical lows.

Should organizations even care about engagement any longer as shifts toward automation and gig workers accelerate? This webcast takes an unvarnished look at engagement as we enter a new decade.

The webcast will address:

  • Does employee engagement still matter to HR leaders?
  • Factors that drive engagement to your organization’s vision
  • How to recognize cognitive biases that affect engagement
  • Proven strategies to change behaviors that can undermine engagement

Tune in for this discussion with Dr. Casey Mulqueen, TRACOM’s Senior Director of L&D, and Jason Kiesau, TRACOM’s Director of Client Partnerships.

Learn more about how to get back in a committed relationship with your people in this whitepaper: “Employee Engagement, When the Honeymoon is Over.”

Employee Engagement Whitepaper

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