Webinar: Achieve Organizational Agility by Recapturing Lost Creativity

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What if you and your team could have a 43% more positive impact on your company by initiating change? What if you improved your ability to influence change, from ideation through execution? What if you became better at motivating others to embrace new thinking? Unlocking Personal Agility is possible…and leads to Organizational Agility.

We’re all born with the gift of creativity, but throughout our lives are conditioned to eliminate agile thinking. We’re creatures of habit, with most of our thoughts being the same day after day. Our brains aren’t naturally wired to create and embrace change.

The majority of us simply conform, allowing our minds to become submissive to biases we don’t even realize we have. Fortunately, we can retrain our brains to be more agile. Research says 80% of agility is learned and acquired, so we all have the ability to unlock our potential.

In this webast, you’ll learn about:

  • Cognitive biases that hold us back from naturally being more agile
  • Strategies designed to increase the successful implementation of new ideas
  • Encouraging innovation and collaboration, and energizing others to think differently
  • How a healthcare organization is training its members to design and apply new, disruptive ideas

How can we better understand our biases and change our behaviors to become more agile? Tune in for this discussion presented by Keri Blymire, Organizational Development Consultant at Penn State Health, and Dr. Casey Mulqueen, TRACOM Group’s Senior Director of Learning & Development.