The Most In-Demand Soft Skills in 2021 and Post-COVID

Soft skills have always had a place of importance as recruiters search for talent. But moving forward, especially post pandemic, they will be even more important for both employers and employees. As the world continues to change, employers are realizing that Social Intelligence skills such as adaptability, emotional intelligence and resilience are critical as we enter a new year and a new workplace. 


If the coronavirus pandemic has proven anything, it’s that change can happen incredibly fast. The work environment we all knew before 2020 is gone and will never be the same again. Many people are now working from home, others have expanded their workload or are now undertaking tasks outside their usual scope.

Those who have shown (and will continue to show) great flexibility and the capability to adapt quickly will be in high demand in the future of work.

One way to help individuals adapt more productively to change is by implementing Resilience training. TRACOM’s program helps professionals understand their fears and gives practical strategies for responding to change during challenging times. 

“Resilience training is about helping people cope with today’s situation and becoming stronger as a result of it. And beyond that, and this is what I love about the TRACOM program, there’s such a good emphasis about not just surviving. It’s about thriving.” —Mark Saine, Managing Director of Client Leadership Solutions, TIAA

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be aware of and control one’s emotions, while also being able to connect with people effectively and empathetically.

Now more than ever, the pandemic has introduced the need for leaders to connect emotionally with their employees and develop empathy on a much deeper level. In times of uncertainty, people are vulnerable which leads to a need for deeper connection and understanding. In order to properly support and guide teams, emotional intelligence is what will lead to successful recovery.

TRACOM’s emotional intelligence training can help employees and employers become better leaders, more aware of their emotions and more empathetic professionals. Penn State Health implemented TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ program in their organization and emphasized how it has transformed the way they lead their teams.  

“I have to be aware that sometimes I can be impatient, so as a leader I want to make sure that’s not transpiring to my behaviors and that my employees are understanding that I am there to listen. I’m there to coach, but I’m also trying to be very emotionally aware of my challenges and shortcomings.” —Michelle Duncan, Director of Learning and Development, Penn State Health

Growth Mindset

We have seen time and time again that teams who can thrive on challenges and see failure as opportunities for growth lead to more resilient and successful businesses.

During the pandemic, those with a growth mindset were able to shift and find new ways of “bouncing forward. Whereas those with a fixed mindset have floundered TRACOM’s Resilience training teaches individuals how to combat stress and adversity by changing not only mindset, but also behavior

“What we’ve learned during the pandemic—and what [TRACOM’s Resilience training] teaches us—is to actively embrace your failures, root yourself in reality, and that it’s okay to take one step back in order to take two forward.” —Jim Cogdal, Executive Director, Sigma Chi Leadership Institute 

 Creativity & Innovation

Facing a storm no one was prepared for has forced businesses to think creatively and often dramatically change business strategies. Businesses that have developed diversification strategies have been able to shift their original products and services to fill an immediate need. 

Without creativity and an open mind, those businesses would not have been able to shift in such a timely manner. As such, now more than ever, human ingenuity will be necessary to invent and dream up new products, services and ways of working.

This goes to show that creativity and innovation are valued and necessary, in times of crisis as well as in times of recovery. TRACOM’s Agility training helps increase creativity and innovation by providing strategies that can help change habits and natural biases in business. 

“What this [TRACOM’s Agility] program emphasizes are the different kinds of cognitive biases that interfere with our ability to be able to think in new ways and also have new emotional responses to changes.” —Gaynelle Winograd, Ph.D., Organizational Development Consultant, G R Winograd and Associates

Social Intelligence Can Be Learned! 

The good news is that even if you’re lacking in one of these areas, TRACOM’s training can help. Our programs are specifically tailored to give employees and employers actionable strategies for becoming a more adaptable, emotionally intelligent, resilience and innovative professional. Click here for an overview of our training programs or try out a free, virtual Program Showcase that highlights the most essential elements of our Resilience, Agility, SOCIAL STYLE or Behavioral EQ programs. 

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