Social Intelligence Outcomes: Client Stories Prove Social Intelligence is Smart Business

What’s so Intelligent about Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence (SQ) isn’t about how friendly or intellectual you are. It’s a holistic approach to understanding how your mindset, behavioral style and emotional intelligence impact others and vice versa – and it’s an essential skill in business today. When we are both aware and adaptable to the needs of others, we are more effective, happy and successful personally and professionally. The impact is real. Learn more about why implementing solutions that lead to higher Social Intelligence should be your organization’s goal. Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent! This newsletter tackles the most important aspect of training: the results you can expect from your investment.

The following articles feature Success Stories and research results from TRACOM’s training:

Article 1: Picking the Right Solution

Article 2: Global Consultancy Uses Social Intelligence to Serve Clients and Grow Insightful Sales Capacity

Article 3: Firm proves Social Intelligence is a Customer-Centric Necessity

Article 4: UNC Business School Teaches SQ To Develop Future Leaders

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Andrea serves as a Marketing Consultant for TRACOM. She is passionate about learning, and teaching others, how to improve human performance and elevate emotional and social intelligence. When she isn't reading, writing or attempting to design something, Andrea is out exploring her new home in Colorado.

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