Participants Respond to Agility Training with Positivity


“I think as people become more comfortable in responding to all the uncertainty and change around them, as they become more agile, they can help their organizations do that and serve their customers better.”

—Stace Williams, Founder and Principal Consultant, Interactive Dynamics


“One of my frustrations prior to attending the class today is thinking that I don’t have any new ideas and one thing that I really learned today was that I do have that capability and also how I can go back to work and encourage and show others how they have that capability as well.”

—Aimee Buchholz, Field Education Manager, Colorado PERA


“What this program emphasizes are the different kinds of cognitive biases that interfere with our ability to be able to think in new ways and also have new emotional responses to changes.”

—Gaynelle Winograd, Ph.D., Organizational Development Consultant, G R Winograd and Associates


“I think todays class particularly was very impactful because it provided all kinds of strategies that can help us really change habits.”

—Cindy Cannara, Training Manager, Sunrun