Success Story – EQ Training Used to Maximize Success in Times of Change

Old Mutual Utilized Behavioral EQ Training from TRACOM to Build Team Trust and Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Like many industries, professionals in  insurance and investments  are experiencing rapid change. Many organizations offer  yearly training to help their staff  understand new policies and operations requirements. But what training is being done that helps employees effectively communicate these changes with their clients and manage their customers’ concerns? What tools are provided to staff strengthen customer relationships?

Old Mutual, a South African Investment and Insurance Management Firm, asked themselves the same question. “What are we doing to enable sales growth while maintaining customers during some of these difficult policy changes?”

The answer turned out to be arming their staff with emotional intelligence skills from TRACOM.

Empathetic Communication is Key

Uncertainty at best is frustrating and at worst, terrifying.  So when your customers are feeling out-of-the-loop or confused about new policies or new market shifts, it can be easy for them to look elsewhere. Frustration can also occur for consultants who are trying to explain a new change to an emotionally charged client. Change is scary, but when we are given the Behavioral and Emotional Intelligence tools to leverage the situation and bring customers to a place of assurance and understanding, a new competitive advantage has been established. Your customers will find value in your organization knowing they are in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about their feelings and well-being.

Without proper training in understanding how to perceive emotions and responding with empathy, flexibility and self-control, it can be easy for consultants and sales professionals to become frustrated with the scary, new change and an upset customer as well.

Establishing Trust Among Teams Using EQ

Continuous change is a relentless battle for many organizations – but learning to maintain team communication and support is a critical driver of continued success. With a highly Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) workplace employees are equipped to embrace change with full accountability and enthusiasm. Old Mutual recognized the benefits emotional intelligence training would have on long-term team development.

Learn how Old Mutual engaged TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ training to leverage their sales results and advance relationships both within and outside of the organization. Learn about a unique approach they used when conducting the training, and the benefits they received post-training with the new success story here.

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