New On-Demand Webinar – The Agile Organization Starts with Agile People

Navigating change is hard. Creating change is even harder, but in order to thrive the ability to generate and implement positive change is essential.

If you need to build an agile and innovative organization, learn more about Organizational Agility Training through TRACOM’s On-Demand Agility Webinar.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn about:

  • The key elements of personal and organizational agility
  • Strategies for improving agility
  • Techniques for evaluating and improving your own agility

Important questions asked during the webinar included:

  • “How is agility training different than resiliency training and how can the programs be used in conjunction?”
  • “How is agility different or similar to innovation and how can agility training spur innovation?”
  • “Can the agility course be adapted to fit my company’s unique needs?”

Agility means more opportunities discovered, more ideas are generated AND ideas are better evaluated, championed and implemented. Although new structures and processes are important parts of achieving agility, organizations often forget that agility truly begins and ends with their people.

This webinar is for those in Learning & Development; Sales Leadership roles; project management professionals or anyone responsible for creating organizational change.

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