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Organizations need employees who adapt to unexpected changes, but also recognize opportunities and capitalize on them. They need people who will foster change and who are innovators, visionaries, trendsetters, initiators and implementers.

  • Personal agility means adopting a flexible mindset that promotes the generation and implementation of original, valuable ideas.
  • Agile individuals create agile organizations. Agile organizations move quickly to spot and exploit opportunities in fast-changing environments.
  • TRACOM’s agility programs teach people about their mindset and the biases that prevent them from optimizing their personal agility.

Research tells us that approximately 80% of agility is learned and acquired. Our minds are anchored by our cognitive biases, many of which are subconscious, but all of which are learned. Because these biases are learned, by bringing awareness of these biases to the forefront we can actually learn to eliminate them. This is why 80% of agility is learned and acquired. It is not so much inherent, but can be developed through awareness.