Case Study: Delta Gamma – Leadership Enrichment in Young Women

Delta Gamma has developed a values-based leadership institute including SOCIAL STYLE to develop young women into future leaders. Delta Gamma is a sisterhood built on a commitment to making the world a better place, which is accomplished through service, a deep appreciation for each individual, and through the development and enhancement of values-based leaders. Their mission and purpose of developing the best qualities of character and developing a true sense of social responsibility led Delta Gamma to pursue a leadership enrichment program tailored to allow optimum levels of leadership success among undergraduate Delta Gammas.

One facilitator wrote, “Overall, this was the most progressive women’s education event I have ever been a part of and I am thankful for the experience.” View the case study here. 

In 2014, Delta Gamma launched the Lewis Institute, a values-based leadership experience focused on educating Delta Gammas on how to lead their chapters with integrity. Prior to the 2014 launch, Delta Gamma had been sending undergraduate members to another leadership program. The outcome of sending women to the leadership training event was highly positive and many women found it was an impactful experience. Based on the positive feedback of these training events, Delta Gamma decided to take their leadership training to the next level, and tailor a program that would align directly with the values of the organization. More specifically, the organization believed it would be powerful to have an all-women experience, and it could potentially open the doors for different conversations to take place.

“I learned that by understanding my strengths, values, SOCIAL STYLE, and Delta Gamma’s why, I can elicit change in my world.”

The ultimate goal of the Lewis Institute is to give women the confidence, both intellectually and emotionally, to be a values-based leader by cognitively understanding themselves and others better. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model was chosen because it gives users the tools to do exactly that, not only understand our own behaviors better, but those of others as well.