Building Resiliency to Improve Sales – New Whitepaper

In a world of accelerated change, consistency is hard to come by.  So how can a company build and sustain a competitive advantage?

According toDr. Casey Mulqueen, “there is no one technique to secure a long-term advantage tomorrow, but in today’s market, those companies who build resiliency to adapt to changing customer demands will be better positioned to maintain market stability over time.”

More than ever before, much of the pressure to react with agility and adaptability falls into the laps of the salespeople. Salespeople have become responsible for creating long-lasting relationships with customers by constantly exceeding their expectations. However, with so much knowledge readily available about products and services through the internet, it has become increasingly difficult to connect with potential clients prior to them having already made a decision about what it is that they want or need to buy. This can make it extremely challenging for the salesperson to build a trusting relationship with their clients without sounding like they are trying to sell them more items and thus losing credibility and reliance. So how can a salesperson succeed in the landscape of today’s business world?

Dr. Mulqueen says “we have many bad habits that we must overcome”. Many of our natural tendencies such as labeling, overgeneralizing, and externalizing need to be understood and then faced head on. Fortunately advances in research and medical science show that the brain is extremely adaptable.  We can rewire our brain to overcome our natural tendencies and be more effective. We can develop resiliency skills through practice and effort.

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