SOCIAL STYLE® Accreditation

What is SOCIAL STYLE Accreditation?

Accreditation ensures instructors have the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a foundational SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility program using Self-Perception paper questionnaires or online profiles. The Accreditation process is free for all facilitators who purchase a SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Administration Kit. Accreditation is done completely online at your convenience and on your own timeline.

How do I get started?

TRACOM offers the option to become an Accredited SOCIAL STYLE facilitator to anyone purchasing a SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Administration Kit. TRACOM Accreditation provides all the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate any TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility program using self-perception instruments.

While TRACOM requires certification to use multi-rater profiles, accreditation specifically addresses the use of self-perception profiles. By completing the Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE OnDemand eLearning course and successfully passing the Knowledge Assessment, facilitators and trainers can receive their Accreditation, a certificate of completion and logo for use on business cards, social sites, etc.

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