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Ready to teach the powerful SOCIAL STYLE Model™ ? TRACOM makes facilitation of our world-class SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility programs easy to learn AND easy to teach! Our Accreditation and Certification options ensure instructors are fully prepared with everything needed to facilitate a program effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive materials include admin kits, teaching guides, and all classroom resources.

Accreditation ensures instructors have the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a foundational program using Self-Perception profiles. Accreditation is free for all facilitators who purchase a SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Administration Kit.

Certification is designed to provide more advanced knowledge, skills and tools needed to facilitate SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility programs using Multi-Rater profiles. Benefits of certification include enhanced professional credibility, mentorship by TRACOM’s Senior L&D professionals, and complete instructor kits to ensure classroom success.

SOCIAL STYLE® Certification and Accreditation Resources

SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Accreditation

While TRACOM requires certification to use multi-rater profiles, Accreditation specifically addresses the use of self-perception profiles--either online or paper.  TRACOM offers the option to become an Accredited facilitator free of charge to anyone purchasing a SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Administration Kit, completing the Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE OnDemand eLearning course, and successfully passing the knowledge assessment..  Accreditation provides all the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a foundational SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility program using self-perception profiles.

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SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Certification

Certification provides all the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate any TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility program.  It is required when using a multi-rater profile and enables an instructor to teach the powerful SOCIAL STYLE Model™.   Certification candidates should have previous experience facilitating developmental workshops.  Instructors are traditionally certified by attending a SOCIAL STYLE course as a participant and then attending an instructor-led certification class, delivered onsite at the client location.  TRACOM also offers a web-based phone certification option that can reduce the time and costs associated with our traditional onsite training and certification.

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