Whitepaper: How Social Intelligence Impacts Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Building More Equitable and Productive Workplaces


Current movements to address social inequalities are forcing many organizations to rethink their equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. By educating employees about the different types of biases that affect human performance, and how to recognize and mitigate those biases, organizations can further their ongoing efforts to meet their EDI goals.

EDI Training

Organizations typically look to training programs to meet their EDI goals. Most training programs fall short of meeting organizations expectations, but the programs that do meet their EDI goals typically are:

  • complemented by other initiatives
  • targeted to both awareness and skill development
  • conducted over a significant period of time

Ultimately, effective training is ongoing, part of a larger agenda, and about gaining skills in working with others.

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence Training Directly Supports EDI

TRACOM has four world-leading corporate training programs to prevent inequalities and help companies meet their EDI goals. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE training helps people become aware of their own behavior and how they are perceived by others. The Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency training program works by helping people recognize and overcome their negativity bias. Organizational resilience helps people to feel accepted so only positivity is emitting from the workplace. Adapting is directly taught from organizational resilience to provide the resources needed to maintain a sense of power and control over events that could otherwise lead to negativity and high turnover. Behavioral Emotional Intelligence is another one of TRACOM’s training programs devoted to first understanding oneself. This includes recognizing emotions and beliefs that affect one’s behavior towards others. TRACOM’s Organizational Agility training program provides individuals and teams with approaches to overcome biases that interfere with innovation and creative problem-solving. With this training program, people are 35% more likely to be viewed by others as an initiator of change, which is needed by organizations trying to meet their EDI goals.

TRACOM changes the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Social intelligence is business intelligent because it improves performance for organizations, so being socially intelligent is imperative to everyone.  Training can be delivered live in web-based sessions or in-person.  eLearning options are also available.