Video: Global Norms

If you are using our profiles outside the U.S., it’s important to understand cultural differences and how they can impact perceptions of Style and Versatility. Norms, or normative comparisons as they are technically called, provide a mechanism for people to compare themselves with one another. For example, telling somebody that they have an Amiable Style is helpful, but it is much more effective if you can tell them that they are more Ask Assertive than 75% of the population and more Emote Responsive than 50% of the population. This information is provided on our Multi-Rater Profiles, and gives individuals powerful information about exactly how their behavior is perceived in relation to others, even others who share their same Style.

All of TRACOM’s online profiles use norms for accuracy. In addition to our standard North American norm, TRACOM has developed a variety of international norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions. In doing so, people receive profiles that are most meaningful for them. TRACOM also offers SOCIAL STYLE Passport, an online tool that lets learners with multi-rater profiles, select from any of 80+ country or regional norms and generate a new, on-demand profile for that country or region.

To learn more about how International Norms work and are utilized watch our International Norms Video.