Video: Director of L&D, the Importance of Agility Skills in Healthcare

It’s important to be Agile because you have a competitive landscape. For example, here in the Hershey area, we are surrounded by a number of other healthcare systems and so in order for us to really understand, how do we set ourselves apart, how do we really live up to the brand and our core values of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence. All of that plays into our ability, even when things are difficult, we have to be Agile because those values are the fundamental principles of who we are. So when we think about our competitors, we think about the landscape changing and we’re no longer operating in our small bubble. We want to remember that we may be here today and we may be here tomorrow, but if we have the ability to be Agile in that transition, then it doesn’t matter who encroaches upon us, we’re going to continue to provide excellent care and service to our patients.

— Michelle Duncan, Director of Learning & Leadership Development, Penn State Health System