Video: Customers Discuss the Impact of SOCIAL STYLE


The TRACOM Group went on a client road tour this past year to collect the stories, successes and insights of our clients. The video stories collected include personal and professional anecdotes of how Social Intelligence programs — SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral EQ, Resilience and Agility — have impacted the lives, careers and organizations of those who have applied the knowledge and skills gained through training. These stories were not scripted – each person who contributed shared their perspectives because they have experienced the benefits of improved Social Intelligence personally. Thank you to our clients and associates for sharing their successes!

Companies including Accenture, Citibank and GE rely on TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE to create effective teams and employees. This series of 2-minute videos looks at why SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility have such an impact in the workplace and the lives of employees.

“Your Style is what it is. It’s not good or bad or right or wrong, it just is. It’s your behaviors, it’s the others’ perceptions of your behaviors.  We’ve created a different conversation. We’ve opened up the opportunity for people to have a conversation about similarities and differences and about preferences.”

Lori Smith – Vice President of Human Resources, Western National Mutual Insurance Co.

“Anybody who has to deal with people should go through it (SOCIAL STYLE).  Supervisors should go through it.  Managers should go through it.  Salespeople should go through it.”

Buzz Bainbridge – Learning Consultant

“The elegance of SOCIAL STYLE is its simplicity.  It gives us an easy way to understand how I can be more effective working with others. It’s the great interpreter of relationships.”

Lori Smith – Vice President of Human Resources, Western National Mutual Insurance Co.