Video: Accenture Reflects on Training SOCIAL STYLE Virtually

Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director at Accenture Austria, reflects on how Training SOCIAL STYLE Virtually helped her organization. She’s responsible for leadership development and coaching in the German-speaking regions of the organization. Since Accenture is a global leader in virtual training we asked Mariam about her experience working with TRACOM’s virtual SOCIAL STYLE training.

“The feedback we get is very very positive. It’s alive, it’s interactive, they can relate to it!” — Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director at Accenture Austria

Traveling and having face-to-face meetings can become impossible and we saw that with COVID. Also physically going in for training on a subject can be too much of a demand, so it is helpful to have SOCIAL STYLE virtually so you can learn on the go. You can also start and stop as you need in case you are busy.

“They can also transfer it to the real world — it’s easy enough. That makes a big difference.” — Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director at Accenture Austria

For more information on TRACOM’s Social Intelligence offerings visit our virtual training options page.

TRACOM Made Easy

We make it easy to administer and teach our programs. We have instructor led training, live visual deliver, and on-demand eLearning programs. At TRACOM, we offer 4 programs: SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility, and Behavioral EQ.

SOCIAL STYLE for Communication helps individuals and organizations:

  • Boost communication to enhance collaboration
  • Establish rapport with others
  • Work effectively with everyone

Adaptive Mindset for Resilience helps individuals and organizations:

  • Reduce fear associated with workplace change
  • Overcome negativity that undermines progress
  • Develop techniques for managing stress

Personal Agility for Innovation helps individuals and organizations:

  • Jumpstart creativity and innovate
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Create positive change organization-wide

Behavioral EQ for Emotional Intelligence helps individuals and organizations:

  • Understand emotions of yourself and others
  • Enhance empathy among employees
  • Build strong relationships at all levels