Success Story: The Value of Partnering with TRACOM


TRACOM’s Associate: Strathman Associates

As a TRACOM Associate, Strathman Associates places significant value on their partnership with TRACOM and the comprehensive approach that TRACOM offers for understanding the core reason for learning SOCIAL STYLE – Versatility. The SOCIAL STYLE Model enables learners to gain insights into their own behaviors and the behaviors of others, particularly how these behaviors influence interpersonal interactions. Versatility, a key concept in SOCIAL STYLE, empowers learners to adapt their behaviors in various workplace scenarios. This understanding of the SOCIAL STYLE Model is instrumental in fostering trust, productivity, and enduring relationships. Strathman Associates’ notices the value of partnering with TRACOM because of the positive influence TRACOM has had.

Effective Training

One crucial aspect in the value of partnering effective training programs is the retention and application of knowledge. Strathman Associates has found that the SOCIAL STYLE Model is highly actionable, with learners readily retaining and applying the model’s principles after workshops. Its simplicity and ease of understanding create a common language for enhancing both internal and external relationships within organizations. The successful partnership between Strathman Associates and TRACOM Group is based on TRACOM’s dedication to providing exceptional support and innovative product offerings, ultimately contributing to the success of their clients.

Strathman Associates’ mission is centered around inspiring leaders to reach their highest level of personal effectiveness. They specialize in tailoring learning curricula to foster the skills required for building healthy organizations through open, honest, and effective communication, while instilling values of trust, respect, and freedom of expression. Their partnership with TRACOM aligns seamlessly with these goals, and together, they work to enhance the effectiveness and performance of their clients by focusing on these fundamental values.