Video: Sgt. Waidler of Denver Police Recognizes Value of Resilience

Sgt. Bobby Waidler, Resiliency Coordinator of the Denver Police Department, discusses the importance of Resilience skills to help combat workplace stress and create healthy, productive police officers.

Studies show that life expectancy for a police officer upon retirement is only two to five years. So if we retire at 55 years old, and we’re a part of that statistic, we get to maybe 57, 60 years old—and that’s it. If we don’t develop a Resilient mindset, a mindset of self-care and a life of health, wellness and wellbeing, we’re very easily going to be one of those statistics. —Sgt. Bobby Waidler, Denver Police 

In our profession, or for any first responders, it is very difficult to go back to work every day and repeat some of the same types of calls, traumas or occupational stressors. If we don’t have a life built on Resiliency and don’t have a self-care program in place ahead of time to address it proactively, it can really harm us. —Sgt. Bobby Waidler, Denver Police