Sales VP on Turning Training into Impact

Ernie Smith is the Vice President of Global Sales Enablement at Cognizant, one of the world’s largest professional services organizations.  He talks about how Cognizant has moved from  SOCIAL STYLE as a key skill to build effective selling relationships to also a powerful tool within the organization.

“What we’re finding is not just equipping people internally to work with the client, it’s also equipping people internally to work with each other so that we can be more productive.  I absolutely have been a believer in this model.” – Ernie Smith

Training Beyond Sales

Ernie delivers TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE program to impact those that are involved in selling. Ernie leads the team responsible for sales training and coaching in this organization of 300,000 people worldwide. There are a lot of people not in a selling role who haven’t seen TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE program, and those that have agree that everyone should.

Some advantages of the SOCIAL STYLE program seen by Ernie and his team are:

  • Effective ways to break through some challenges
  • Bringing teams together without conflict or providing proper ways to face conflict
  • Equipping people to work with their clients AND their peers effectively
  • Forming positive relationships at the organizational level and individual level

Training Affecting Internal Relationships

Ernie has gained a lot of knowledge from the training program in terms of working with his peers. Ernie believes that by learning Versatility from TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE program. He has been able to work better with his peers who have different STYLEs. Ernie is much more aware now that others might approach situations differently. Being more aware, Ernie now knows how to ask more questions that resonate with those individuals. Allowing for this back and forth to happen, organizations as a whole won’t struggle to get jobs done. Instead they’ll have an effective way to communicate.

TRACOM’s Impact

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