Research: SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Technical Report

Documenting the Reliability and Validity of the SOCIAL STYLE Model


SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most effective interpersonal skills model.  It’s used globally by organizations large and small because is easy to understand and to apply.  It makes an impact for individuals, teams and organizations looking to improve their performance.

The SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Technical Report documents the history of the model going back to it’s initial conceptualization and development in the 1950s at The University of Denver.  It has been updated to reflect the newest update in the assessment and profile report released in 2020.  It includes information about dozens of research studies evaluating the reliability and validity of The SOCIAL STYLE Model.  Validity in a research construct is whether an assessment actually measures what it purports to measure.  Reliability is whether the assessment measures those attributes consistently.  The technical report demonstrates that SOCIAL STYLE is both extremely valid and reliable.

Additionally, the SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Technical Report includes information from many studies looking at the impact of SOCIAL STYLE in the workplace.  There are studies evaluating Style’s affect on leaders and managers showing that those with high SOCIAL STYLE skills regularly outperform other by 20% or more in areas such as conflict management, team leadership and ability to achieve results.  Similarly, sales professionals with high SOCIAL STYLE skills are much more effective in areas such as building rapport with clients, overcoming objections and winning business.

The SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility Technical Report is used as part of the SOCIAL STYLE certification process, where TRACOM provides facilitators with the knowledge needed to use our assessments and teach our programs.  The report is intended to be a companion to other facilitator materials, notably the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Facilitator Handbook. By reviewing this report you will understand the important role that research plays in the SOCIAL STYLE Model. More importantly, you will gain an understanding of exactly how TRACOM ensures that our profiles are accurate and dependable.