Video: How EY Trains SOCIAL STYLE in a Virtual Format

Meet Lisa Jones, Senior Instructional Designer for global training at Ernst & Young. Jones is Master Certified in SOCIAL STYLE and has been designing and facilitating the program for EY, globally. In this video interview she discusses how to conduct and design SOCIAL STYLE in a virtual format effectively. Jones shares with us the importance of a blended approach and bringing in all participants at the same level.

“The model is applicable no matter what environment you’re working in.” — Lisa Jones, Senior Instructional Designer, EY

Even though you are learning SOCIAL STYLE in a virtual format, you have to be sure you’re paying attention. Make sure you know how to apply it in the real world once you’re done. All the skills you will learn from TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE in a virtual format will help you on a day-to-day basis if learned properly.

Lisa starts with eLearning to give learners base knowledge. Once learners have the basic knowledge down, they are able to focus on live sessions to learn how to apply these concepts in the real world. Through learning SOCIAL STYLE in a virtual format, you are able to use all tools available like breakout rooms, chats, and emojis. Lastly, we make sure learners know they need to participate. If you’re not actively trying to participate, who knows if you’re taking in the information correctly and know how to apply it to real world scenarios.

Check out our virtual training options to learn how you can bring Social Intelligence training virtually to your organization.

TRACOM Made Easy

We make it easy to administer and teach our programs. We have instructor led training, live visual deliver, and on-demand eLearning programs. At TRACOM, we offer 4 programs: SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility, and Behavioral EQ.

SOCIAL STYLE for Communication helps individuals and organizations:

  • Boost communication to enhance collaboration
  • Establish rapport with others
  • Work effectively with everyone

Adaptive Mindset for Resilience helps individuals and organizations:

  • Reduce fear associated with workplace change
  • Overcome negativity that undermines progress
  • Develop techniques for managing stress

Personal Agility for Innovation helps individuals and organizations:

  • Jumpstart creativity and innovate
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Create positive change organization-wide

Behavioral EQ for Emotional Intelligence helps individuals and organizations:

  • Understand emotions of yourself and others
  • Enhance empathy among employees
  • Build strong relationships at all levels