Are Women More Emotional Than Men? — SOCIAL STYLEs Distribution by Gender

Women, how many times has someone, perhaps a spouse, told you that you’re “acting too emotional?” Men, have you ever said something like this to a woman in your life? You know who you are.

And what about men? Ladies, how often have you wished that men would allow their emotions to shine through?

Under unusual circumstances, such as intense conflict, our emotions often get the best of us, regardless of our gender. But what about in our normal day-to-day lives? Are there really differences between men and women in how much we display our emotions? And if there is a difference, does it show itself in behavior?

It turns out the answer is yes according to research TRACOM has done. Our most recent analysis indicates the majority of women tend to show their emotions and the majority of men tend to control their emotions. This data comes from the Responsive scale of the SOCIAL STYLE Model.

The majority of women (60%) profile as Amiable and Expressive, the two Styles that tend to display their emotions. Conversely, a majority of men (57%) profile as Analytical and Driving, the two Styles that tend to control their emotions. While these differences aren’t extreme, they are noticeable.

Keep in mind that all people have emotions. SOCIAL STYLE does not measure how much emotion a person is feeling on the inside, it only measures how much emotion is displayed to others through outward behavior.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what do you think? Are you surprised by this, or does it seem perfectly “natural?”

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