Webinar: The One Thing Every Organization Can Learn From First Responders

Few occupations require Resilience more than first responders, who begin each day not knowing what may come their way. Yet they’re committed to doing their jobs. In this webinar, Sgt. Bobby Waidler, Resiliency Coordinator of the Denver Police Department, discusses the importance of a developing a healthy, Resilient mindset for first responders. Dr. Casey Mulqueen describes how HR and L&D professionals can teach those same skills and behaviors to help their organizations adapt and grow.

Sgt. Waidler and Dr. Mulqueen highlight the importance of developing Resilience in order to confront the difficulties of facing change beyond our control. Learn how developing a Resilient mindset allows people in any profession to confront challenges with healthy and productive attitudes to build stronger teams and organizations.

This webinar presents:

  • Learn what, exactly, constitutes a Resilient mindset and how it benefits the people in your organization.
  • Learn how creating more Resilient individuals leads to a stronger, more adaptable company.
  • Hear stories highlighting the organizational impact from training employees and leaders on Resilience.

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