Webinar: Is Your Onboarding Creating High Performers Fast Enough?

Webinar | Hosted by HR.com

Once a new hire steps foot into your office, you have a chance to make an impression; it’s a new employee’s first real look at your brand—from the inside. You’re evaluating how quickly they’ll come up to speed, and they’re evaluating how long they might stick around. So, what is the most effective way to engage new hires to keep them from failing? What is the “secret sauce” to enhancing your onboarding efforts?

During this webcast you will learn:

  • Why so many companies get it wrong when it comes to onboarding
  • What steps you can take to engage new hires right away
  • How a global organization helps employees build strong interpersonal relationships within weeks of joining
  • Proven onboarding strategies you can implement immediately

Tune in for this discussion with Dan Day, TRACOM’s Director of Client Success and Jeremy Jensen, Cognizant Technology Solutions’ Head of Professional Skills.