OnDemand Webinar: How Hope and Resilience Foster Wellbeing

OnDemand Webinar | How Hope and Resilience Foster Wellbeing | HR.com

“Hope” is defined as “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” During difficult times, a sense of hope and a resilient mindset are perhaps the most important human characteristics that propel people to move forward and even thrive, but how do people develop and display hope? Can hope even be developed? While hope is rarely discussed in organizations, it is imperative for individuals to embrace hopefulness in order to carry on through adversity. Hope is intricately linked with resilience and the wherewithal to persevere through challenging times.

In this webinar, the presenters share a practical and highly applicable framework that merges the power of choosing to live life optimistically with behavioral methods to develop a resilient mindset. Participants learn about models of hope and resilience that move these from abstract concepts to practical behaviors. They see how leaders, and others, can model resilience and hopefulness within their teams. The models are described in terms of how they can be learned and applied by team members. This webinar is interactive, with participants sharing examples of resilience and hope, and the impacts that a positive mindset has at the workplace.

Participants learn practical strategies for creating a hopeful life that builds the capacity to be resilient and live with a clear sense of wellbeing. This is the foundation for navigating the ever evolving and uncertain world we live and work in. The webinar provides uplifting, elevating ideas for living with a positive mindset.

Whitepaper: How Hope and Resilience Foster Wellbeing by Jim Doyle and Dr. Casey Mulqueen

In this whitepaper, Jim Doyle and Dr. Casey Mulqueen dive deep into how emotional wellbeing and hope result in more resilient employees. They share models that use behavioral strategies to help organizations develop more resilient employees who communicate and work more effectively with one another.

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