The excerpt below was taken from an interview with Enterprise Minnesota’s Abbey Hellickson; David Collins shares how “…giving employees better leadership skills might just cause them to stick around, too.”

TRACOM contends that most leaders recognize that their organizations’ success is built on the capabilities of their people, but they don’t often understand how to maximize that potential in today’s fast-paced world. They invest in functional skills or generic leadership training without considering how to develop the full potential of each person. Social Intelligence is the realization of this potential in individuals, teams and organizations.

When TRACOM first started, we focused on helping organizations identify top performers to hire or promote. Over time we discovered four patterns of behavior in people, and we named these “SOCIAL STYLE.” All the research we’ve done shows that each one of the four Styles brings unique advantages and challenges when it comes to communicating and working with other people. While people are far more predictable than most of us realize, when we understand what others’ preferences are, we can adapt our behaviors and approach to meet their needs (and ultimately meet ours too.)

Versatility – the most essential part of applying SOCIAL STYLE – provides individuals with a way to identify the preferences of others and modify behavior to make others more comfortable based on each person’s unique SOCIAL STYLE. This is also referred to as “The Platinum Rule” (treat others as THEY want to be treated) which replaces “The Golden Rule” (treat others as YOU want to be treated), and is far more successful in building influential and effective communication.

When we measure how leaders and managers who are highly versatile work — who adapt their behavior to others — they have much better scores with their employees on their team. In other words, they’re getting more out of their employees on an everyday basis – this is the power of Versatility and using SOCIAL STYLE.

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