The Best of 2018: The Year of Social Intelligence

2018 was filled with learning about how to improve our Social Intelligence skills in the workplace. As the year comes to a close, and a new year is about to begin, it’s the perfect time to revisit the valuable content that captured our readers:

Best of Whitepapers:

The Socially Intelligent Organization

Imperative for Social Intelligence wp thumb

Social Intelligence accelerates human performance by transforming the way we Think, Act and React in more positive and productive ways — but this is harder for humans to achieve than we imagine. This whitepaper discusses the imperative for — and science of — accelerating human performance to achieve Social Intelligence. But first, we must break past biases holding us back.

Mind the Agility Gap

CLOs and Chief HR Officers have moved into the executive suite to combine strategic vision and solid execution. Yet, this whitepaper shows the significant disconnect between those two responsibilities. But, it’s possible to close the Agility Gap with training. Learning executives must lead the way in delivering the Agility capabilities that they already recognize as crucial to their futures.


The Age of Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to adapt to change and adversity in a ways that allow people to improve their outcomes no matter what challenges or disruptions appear. This paper discusses the rapid pace of change in the modern era, the adversities that people face in the workplace and the effects this has on health and performance.

 Connection Between EQ and Versatility 

Multiple studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence competencies often account for the difference between star performers and average performers, particularly in positions of leadership. This paper discusses the relationship between EQ and the Versatility component of SOCIAL STYLE®.

Best of Media:

Video: What is Behavioral EQ? What is Behavioral Emotional Intelligence?

Many people are aware of Emotional Intelligence and how it is a greater predictor of success than IQ, but TRACOM’s EQ Model goes one step further by also focusing on the EQ behaviors associated with workplace success. In this short video, you’ll learn more about TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model and more specifically the importance, benefits and impact of Behavioral EQ.

Webcast: Don’t Get Fired by a Robot, How Social Intelligence Outwits Artificial Intelligence webinar don't get fired by a robot thumbnail

In this webcast we’ll describe a model of Social Intelligence and provide ideas you can apply to help transform your workforce into a more effective, socially intelligent organization.

Testimonial: Behavioral EQ Helps Penn State Health Social Intelligence training benefits organizations as well as individual people to make a difference and be more effective at work.

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own self-awareness of your own emotions. It really gives us the ability to put some definition and some understanding in a way that we can share that part of ourselves with others.” — Michelle Duncan, Director of Learning & Leadership Development, Penn State Health

Testimonial: Dr. Klepper Speaks on Impact of TRACOM’s Courses 

“IQ levels off, so you’re only as smart as you are going to be right now, so try to make the best of it. But what continues to develop to be an effective holistic person is our Emotional Intelligence — our interaction with others — our self-knowledge and knowledge of others.” — Dr. William on Behavioral Emotional Intelligence

Best of Research:

Research: The Versatility of Industries TRACOM Research on Versatility of Industries 2018

Millions of people have completed SOCIAL STYLE profiles, leading to a large database of information about how the Styles align within industries. These composites show how individuals contribute to increasing — or decreasing — the Versatility of the industries in which they work. This research provides a snapshot of industries who thrive at interpersonal skills and those who need to improve their reputation. This new analysis looks at SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility scores across 32 industries.

Research: The Agility Gap Research Brief

A new survey of North American human resources and learning/training executives exposes a troubling lack of preparedness and effort to develop Agility skills, despite the fact that these professionals and their executive bosses say Agility is crucial to long-term success. This “Agility Gap” is a significant threat to organizations, but with effort, can be turned around. Learn more.

Infographic: The Case for Resilience Resilience Infographic image

In a world of constant change — from disruptive to innovative — Resilient people are better prepared to handle change, challenge and disruption. In the workforce, this skill ensures success. Resilience is the ability to bounce forward in times of adversity and to see challenges as opportunities for growth. Because we work in a world where change is constant and inevitable, Resiliency skills are becoming more crucial. Learn why and how Resilience training improves workplace performance.