Study Documents Connection between SOCIAL STYLE® and Key Job Skills

A new study shows that individuals who score high in Versatility demonstrate greater success in key workplace skills like managing conflict, developing positive relationships, and communicating effectively with others.

The study was based on 10,200 raters who evaluated the skills of 2,004 individuals. The data was extracted from the SOCIAL STYLE Profiles and additional performance questions. The analysis compares people in the lowest 25% of Versatility with people in the highest 25% of Versatility.  Versatility is a person’s ability to interact effectively, build rapport and gain support of others.














The data was extracted for both Managers and Individual contributors. One interesting difference was that individual contributors with high Versatility received even better scores for “Managing Conflict Effectively” (30%) compared to low Versatility individuals than Managers with high Versatility (24%).

One concern of many organizations prior to investing in interpersonal skills training is that they may not always be able to quantify the benefits of these investments. This study, along with others, provides a specific indicator of the value of Versatility.  It shows that Versatility is directly related to important skills such as conflict management, team contributions, organizational commitment and even overall high performance.  So organizations can implement SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility training with confidence that it develops the skills they need for success.

This research is consistent with other studies demonstrating a clear link between Versatility and the performance of managers, individuals and sales professionals.  Learn more about the study here.

Read the study or learn more about SOCIAL STYLE here.