Soft Skills Again Top the List of Most In-Demand Skills

As artificial intelligence continues to reshape the job market, there is a growing emphasis on soft skills that computers cannot fully replicate.  Entrepreneur Magazine is pointing to Social Intelligence skills as the most crucial for success in today’s business world.  The story is based on LinkedIn’s 2024 Most In-Demand Skills list, and it underscores the enduring importance of these “human” or “durable” skills, labeling them as indispensable in today’s evolving technological landscape. Among the top skills highly sought after are communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Other studies have consistently emphasized the importance of these Social Intelligence abilities.  A survey from HR and payroll company ADP identified the ability to work on a team as the top skill needed for large company success.  That study also pointed out that finding candidates with a strong work ethic is particularly challenging. This sentiment reflects broader concerns across industries about the perceived lack of work ethic among younger generations, such as Gen Z, which some leaders believe impacts their employability. Moreover, businesses report difficulty in finding candidates who exhibit traits like self-starting, time management, adaptability, problem-solving, and industry-specific knowledge — all of which are critical for navigating today’s competitive job market effectively.

Developing These Crucial Soft Skills

Today there may be broader recognition of the importance of soft skills, but their value is not new.  TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model was originally developed by psychology researchers who wanted to understand what separated high performing workers from the rest of the pack.  They found that the ability to create productive work relationships was key and just as valuable as intellect, education or work experience.  This skill, known as Versatility, helps people build rapport and boost individual, team and organizational productivity.  Effective communicators and leaders rely on Versatility skills.

For example, individuals with high Versatility outperform other people in many key work skills including:

  • 26% better at positively influencing others,
  • 22% better at expressing opinions effectively,
  • 21% increase at communicating effectively.

TRACOM offers several SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility programs that develop these key skills.  Courses are available through live, instructor-led sessions, web-based training or eLearning.  And all SOCIAL STYLE programs include the SOCIAL STYLE Assessment & Profile Report.  This measures the learners strengths and weaknesses and then provides a roadmap to develop their Versatility abilities.

Learn about ways to develop Versatility in your organization.