SOCIAL STYLE Navigator Enhancements: Extended Learning Beyond the Classroom

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator Enhancements: Extended Learning Beyond the Classroom

TRACOM has updated the look and feel of SOCIAL STYLE Navigator to enhance the experience and usability of the post-learning application tool. Watch the video above to learn where to find SOCIAL STYLE Navigator in TRACOM Learning and hear more about the enhancements.

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator provides detailed advice on applying Style to successfully manage more than 30 workplace situations such as resolving conflict, running meetings, working with customers and building trust.

It includes:

SOCIAL STYLE Estimator: This tool allows a person to quickly answer questions and estimate the SOCIAL STYLE of another person. You might estimate someone’s Style before meeting with colleagues, heading to a sales meeting or working with a supervisor. Knowledge of a person’s Style will help you better prepare and enhance the interaction.

SOCIAL STYLE Advisor: Utilizing the estimate of another’s SOCIAL STYLE,  access 30+ tips with SOCIAL STYLE Advisor. Tips are organized into three categories: Sales, Managerial and Individual Contributor. Tips include Managing Virtual Teams, Creating a Productive Team Environment, Team Decision Making, and many more.

eLearning: The third resource in the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is the eLearning modules. These three modules provide further guidance on how to apply SOCIAL STYLE in the workplace. The available modules are Managing Conflict with StyleWorking in Teams with Style and Coaching with Style. 

The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is available for anyone who has completed a SOCIAL STYLE Profile. Access Navigator at or contact us at or 800-221-2321.

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