SOCIAL STYLE Book: The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships

Boost Performance In Business And Life

April 24, 2013 — TRACOM today released the second edition of The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships ($16.95 paperback$0 Kindle), co-authored by its President & CEO John R. Myers and Gerald L. Prince.   The new edition taps Myers’ 30 years of leadership experience to provide insight into understanding the SOCIAL STYLE Model and the importance of creating effective working relationships to achieve business success.

The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships provides an engaging approach to understanding SOCIAL STYLE and the role that emotional intelligence (EQ) plays in the workplace.  Research has shown that a person’s ability to understand, cooperate and modify behavior is a key factor in individual performance.  These skills are at least as important as intellect, education and previous work experience.

According to Myers, “You can put The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships to immediate use to boost your performance at work and in your personal life.”

The book is being praised by business leaders who appreciate its valuable lessons for today’s workplace.

“Understanding Social Style and Versatility was one of the single greatest impact in my career success. Having a strong EQ is critical in making sure that what you communicate is heard, understood, and accepted. It’s not what you say, or how you say it, it’s how you make people feel. I can honestly say that my career would be in a far different, and worse place today, if I hadn’t had the training and reinforcement contained in this book. I live Social Style and Versatility in my personal and professional encounters, and the difference it makes is dramatic.”

— Jim Knauss, Global Vice Chair of Accounts and Business Development, Ernst & Young

“This is a must read business book. The reader will come to realize the importance of relationships in business and in life and will discover the elusive skills crucial to building these relationships.”

— Dimon McFerson,  Chairman and CEO, Nationwide Insurance and Nationwide Financial Services (retired)

“In addition to helping readers understand SOCIAL STYLE, we incorporated the latest research on Versatility,” said Myers.  “Versatility is a measure of interpersonal effectiveness and indicates a person’s ability to adjust to behaviors to interact effectively with others to maximize productivity.  Versatile people are flexible, responsive and adaptable and our research shows that people with high Versatility outperform their lower-Versatility counterparts across a broad spectrum of performance measures.”

In The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships, readers follow Alex Boden as he learns that his own success depends directly on how well he develops effective relationships with others.  The authors use Alex’s self discovery and techniques that he learns to improve interactions and build better relationships to help readers understand and meet the challenge of interacting effectively with people who are important in their lives.  

The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships provides answers to common workplace questions and situations including:

  • Why don’t others see things the way I do?
  • Why are some people so confrontational?
  • How can I improve my influence with other people?
  • What can I do to improve my performance?

The Ah Ha’s of Effective Relationships is available for purchase as both a paperback book ($16.95) and as a Kindle ebook ($0) on Amazon.