Resiliency Comes in All Shapes and Sizes – and Ages!

Kayden Elijah Kinckle is a two year old boy who recently went through a double amputation. Both his right foot and left leg had to be removed due to an omphalocele – a type of hernia that sometimes leaves organs to grow outside of the baby’s navel. In Kayden’s case, his omphalocele caused a band to wrap around his legs and produced deformities that made amputating necessary.

But don’t let this seemingly sad story fool you. This has not hindered little Kayden’s determination from walking. In the video below, you will witness as he takes his first steps with his walker, he repeatedly exclaims “I got this!  I got this!” His strength of character is admirable for anyone going through such a change, but two-year-old Kayden doesn’t cry or complain once throughout the video. He presses forward with willpower and optimism that many fully grown adults wouldn’t be able to convey.

Research shows that highly resilient people respond to challenges with flexibility, bounce back from challenges, and even find opportunities within these challenges. Kayden is clearly no exception to the rule. His heartwarming demeanor radiates as he shows us the kind of character we should all aspire to have.

Watch Kayden’s determined steps forward here. Though the entire video is inspirational, you might just find yourself tearing up around the 58 second mark as his will to walk is clearly unstoppable.

To help with the medical expenses Kayden’s mom is trying to raise money. She hopes to raise $50,000 and has currently raised nearly $35,000. Click here to donate money to assist with Kayden’s medical bills.