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Interview Q&A with CoBank

Q&A with CoBank: Interview with a CLO

Steve Franklin, Learning Executive at CoBank, Discusses the Impact of Resilience Training

CoBank, a Colorado-based agricultural-focused financial services company, traces its roots back more than 100 years. But success in today’s global financial market requires equipping employees with new skills and ways of thinking. CoBank’s Director of Learning & Development, Steve Franklin recently sat down with TRACOM CEO David Collins to talk about how the organization has deployed TRACOM’s Resilience training as part of their growth strategy.


Case Study

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CoBank Q&A Case Study: Interview with a CLO

TRACOM's CEO David Collins sat down with Steve Franklin, Learning Executive of CoBank, to discuss the influence Resilience training has had on his agricultural-focused financial services company. Franklin shares the feedback he received from learners of the training and how it's been applied within CoBank.

“I want my content to be based on science and on things that are proven, but I want the techniques and tools to be very practical. This led to learning about TRACOM’s Resilience program.”

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