OnDemand Webinar: Onboarding Essential: Teach New Hires to Understand & Optimize Their Behaviors

Onboarding Essential: Teach New Hires to Understand & Optimize Their Behaviors

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Hosted by Human Capital Institute and TRACOM Group

Onboarding is a critical element of the new-hire experience. It’s essential for engaging employees from day one—and retaining them long beyond that. Yet according to Gallup, just one in 10 employees “strongly agree” that their organization does a good job of onboarding. 

During this webinar you’ll learn how professional services firm KPMG successfully conducts onboarding to provide US Advisory new hires with what they need to embrace the culture, prepare for their first engagement, build their network and become a student of the firm 

In addition, one key component of this onboarding experience is for new hires to understand their own behavioral preferences and how to work most effectively with others who may have different behavioral styles. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How effective onboarding leads to heightened employee engagement and retention 
  • How KPMG helps new hires understand their behavioral patterns—their “Social Style” 
  • The effects of empowering new hires to adapt their behaviors to others’ Styles 
  • Onboarding better practices that may be relatable to your organization 

Presenters include Dan Day, Director of Client Success at TRACOM, Ruby Cheng, Associate Director, Advisory Learning & Development at KPMG and Carin Andrews, National Facilitation Manager at KPMG.