Video: What is Behavioral EQ?

Many people are aware of the importance of Emotional Intelligence and how, in many job functions, it is a greater predictor of success than IQ, but TRACOM’s EQ Model goes one step further by also focusing on the EQ behaviors associated with workplace success. In this short video, you’ll learn more about TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model and more specifically

  • The importance of Behavioral EQ
  • The benefits of high Behavioral EQ
  • The business needs Behavioral EQ addresses

Behavioral EQ Training

TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model™ is based on the latest research in both brain function and performance. It focuses on the most important elements of Emotional Intelligence and those that can be successfully developed. The Model consists of four dimensions which house the fifteen various core competencies. If you would like to learn more about each individual core competency or learn more about Behavioral EQ Training click here.