New SOCIAL STYLE® Assessment & Profile Released

The Best Behavioral Skills Model Updated for the Virtual Workplace

DENVER, Colorado, April 20, 2021 – As organizations continue to adjust to the impact of the COVID pandemic, The TRACOM Group has updated its flagship SOCIAL STYLE® Assessment & Profile to be more relevant in a virtual workplace. The new assessment features fewer questions, making it easier to complete, and reflects the fact that many co-workers have never actually met in-person. The new profile features improved usability, more practical strategies for success and enhanced graphics.

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most effective interpersonal skills model because it’s easy to understand and use, and proven to directly affect individual and organizational success. SOCIAL STYLE® v3 makes the model even more powerful and relevant with a greater emphasis on Versatility—the ability to adapt to others’ behavioral preferences. Highlights of the SOCIAL STYLE v3 Assessment are:

  • 42-item survey, compared to 88 items previously
  • Modernized language to reflect current social norms
  • Replacement of gender-specific pronouns
  • Updated items to reflect working virtually

Learners enrolled in a SOCIAL STYLE class complete a survey about themselves which measures their behavioral preferences and identifies them as one of four SOCIAL STYLEs:  Driving, Expressive, Amiable or Analytical. SOCIAL STYLE is especially powerful because people typically experience a Self-Perception Bias and see themselves differently than others see them. The SOCIAL STYLE Profile exposes these differences and provides a powerful opportunity for learning and discovery.

Highlights of the SOCIAL STYLE v3 Profile include:

  • Identification of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility from both the learner and their raters’ points of view
  • Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each SOCIAL STYLE as well as preferred use of time, decision-making and response to stress
  • Practical advice when working with people of each SOCIAL STYLE
  • Attractive, engaging design

The SOCIAL STYLE Model™ was originally researched and developed by organizational psychologists looking at what differentiated high performers from low and average performers. They found the ability to build productive relationships with others (Versatility) was just as important as education, intellect and experience. Research also found a person’s Versatility was independent of their SOCIAL STYLE.

The TRACOM Group developed the model, the assessment and a variety of training courses to teach SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills. Today, the company serves organizations worldwide with its Social Intelligence programs, including SOCIAL STYLE. Customers include most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as academic institutions, nonprofits and governments.  TRACOM provides virtual or in-person programs and also licenses it assessments, profiles and training. Everyone who completes a licensed SOCIAL STYLE Profile receives free access to a variety of online resources and application tools such as the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®.

SOCIAL STYLE v3 is available now for use. The assessment and profile are proven to be reliable and valid; a full technical report is available here. The TRACOM Cares program supports Academic and nonprofit organizations with substantial discounts and resources. A sample of the SOCIAL STYLE v3 Profile and more information is available here.