Global Norms Video

The power of SOCIAL STYLE is in understanding behavioral differences and modifying our behavior to improve interactions.  This can be especially important – and challenging — in international situations.  Around the globe different cultures have different behaviors and beliefs.  And while most people recognize that these differences exist, they don’t necessarily understand the differences nor how to adapt to them.

TRACOM offers  a variety of global norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions. In doing so, people receive profiles that are most meaningful for them.

Research shows that Style is a global concept; it exists across nationalities and geographies. However, every culture is unique, and this is sometimes reflected in the way Style and Versatility are displayed. For this reason it is important for people to use norms that reflect their specific cultures. Norms are a reference point so that people can compare themselves to others.

For example, in China displays of Assertiveness are generally more direct than in western societies. If we compared China and the U.S. on this dimension, the Chinese average would be higher (more Tell Assertive) than the U.S. average. Therefore, we develop norms for China that adjust for their unique culture. This provides a more meaningful measure of Style and Versatility for people in China because they are being measured relative to others within their culture.

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