New International Norms for Behavioral EQ Training

The Importance of Using Normed Profiles for EQ

New international norms have been added to TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ assessment and training.  The new norms include India, South Africa and the United States which join previously available norms for Global, China and France.

Norms, or normative comparisons as they are technically called, provide a mechanism for people to compare themselves with one another. For example, if somebody profiles in the lower tier of ‘Listening’ through the Behavioral EQ profile, we know that their listening abilities are not as strong when compared to others. But different countries have different standards, and while someone might be in the lower tier for Listening in China, they could be in the middle tier in the United States. Why? One explanation is that the United States is a more individualistic society than China, and therefore listening is not as valued in the U.S. as it is in China.

Norms help provide a more accurate and relevant comparison for people, particularly in international situations.  Having a normed profile helps people to understand where they fall in a country relevant to others in that country. If someone wanted to be normed among the Chinese people they are working with, they would learn that ‘Listening’ is an important skill that they need to focus on improving. Had they only compared themselves to the standards of the people of the United States, they wouldn’t realize their need to develop listening abilities and would have focused their efforts on other areas of Behavioral EQ that might be less important when working in China.

Normative information is provided on our multi-rater profiles, and gives individuals powerful information about exactly how their behavior is perceived in relation to others.

All of TRACOM’s online profiles use norms for accuracy.  In addition to our standard Global norm, TRACOM has developed a variety of country-specific norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions. In doing so, people receive profiles that are most meaningful for them.

How Does TRACOM Use International Norms?

Rather than using the entire database for comparison, TRACOM maintains discrete norms for specific countries and regions. These norms reflect the cultural-behavioral patterns around the world and provide the best understanding of how a person’s Behavioral EQ, Adaptive Mindset or SOCIAL STYLE compare to peers.

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