New eLearning SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Program

TRACOM has released a new web-based, self-paced SOCIAL STYLE program. Versatility in Action is a powerful follow-up program that reinforces Versatility strategies in a self-study format. It’s a wonderful refresher of Versatility concepts for learners after their initial training. It includes an hour of eLearning and coaches the learner through the development of a specific action plan for an important workplace relationship.

Many learners have asked for additional opportunities to learn about Versatility and practice their SOCIAL STYLE skills.  Versatility in Action directly addresses those wishes, helping people improve their Versatility and boost their productivity working with others.

As a fully eLearning program, Versatility in Action can be completed at the learner’s pace and revisited periodically to keep SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility skills sharp. Visit our catalog to learn more.

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