New Case Study: Enabling Student Achievement Through Teacher Training

Academics are the foundation to both a successful life and a prosperous economy, but like many large, metropolitan school districts, those in Denver face challenges including academic performance and funding shortfalls. The city has begun implementing charter schools to test new approaches and curriculum. One such school is University Preparatory School (University Prep), a kindergarten through fifth grade tuition-free, public charter school located in downtown Denver.

Supported by the TeleTech Community Foundation and the TRACOM Cares initiative, University Prep is taking innovative steps to equip its faculty and educate its scholars. This includes access to state of the art technology as well as critical social intelligence skills including SOCIAL STYLE training.

School and Foundation leaders identified that providing professional development skills for faculty and staff would have a significant impact. In 2015, TRACOM became involved to support a full-day of training and development prior to the start of the academic school year for both faculty and staff. The program featured SOCIAL STYLE assessments and training jointly facilitated by TeleTech and TRACOM instructors. SOCIAL STYLE is the leading behavioral preferences model for building effective and productive working relationships. These skills are crucial for educators according to University Prep leaders. Learn more here. 

Katie Linn, director of instruction and curriculum emphasized the school’s team teaching approach. “Our school is very collaborative and we realize the importance of getting to know each other as people. SOCIAL STYLE helps you to tailor your communications and understand how you’re being heard. I’m a resource to our teachers, and the people I coach fall into each of the four SOCIAL STYLEs. It’s been an incredible asset for me to understand how to best work with all of our team.”

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