New SOCIAL STYLE Book – The Versatility Factor

How effective are you in dealing with clients, your manager(s), your colleagues?  Do you build rapport with some people easier than others? Are there some people with whom you just can’t connect?  The Versatility Factor reveals the secret keys to working effectively with anyone.

Understanding the way others prefer to go about getting things done can be a source of frustration and tension for us and frequently the most perplexing challenge we face in our daily lives. Even in the best of our relationships we can experience this type of challenge. In our troubled relationships, these challenges most often lead to poor performance, loss of productivity, lost sales and weakened teams. And for many of us, it leads to increased feelings of stress which negatively affects other relationships at work and at home.

The majority of people important to your happiness and success are substantially different from you in how they approach problems, approach people, deal with emotions, come to decisions, take risks, resolve issues, use time, share information and react to conflict.

We all have unique behavioral styles that determine how we communicate and interact with others as well as how we prefer to be treated and interacted with. What we often fail to realize is how these preferences can make a huge difference in outcomes. If our message is perceived differently than we had hoped or if we are too vague about a task that we need an employee or coworker to complete, the likelihood of a successful outcome is minimal. Yet we often don’t realize why there was confusion or where the message was misconstrued.

The challenge we face, whether at work or at home, is that our success and happiness ultimately depend on how well we can bridge these differences. If we can do this, our lives become more fulfilling, happier, and successful.

In The Versatility Factor describes practical strategies for achieving personal and organizational excellence and is the result of years of intensive research about building effective relationships and how to leverage our interactions with others. The book focuses on TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model as the foundation of prosperous relationships.

Through this book, readers gain a better understanding of the differences between behavior and personality, the four SOCIAL STYLEs, and what it means to be highly versatile and, more importantly, how to leverage this knowledge for different situations like presenting, delegating tasks, managing conflicts, and other various business needs.

Ultimately, readers will learn why treating others the way you like to be treated results in failure, how to quickly build rapport with anyone, the best way to manage or participate in a team, techniques for building outstanding customer relationships, and how to successfully bridge our personal and professional lives.

Based on decades of performance research and filled with practical advice, The Versatility Factor is a must-read for everyone whose success is dependent on working with others.