The Consequences of Being a Bad Boss

Today, leaders in the workplace are impairing their employees by drowning them with stress, toxic environments, and abundant amounts of work. Executive leaders are expecting too much out of their employees while giving them the bare minimum in return.

According to a study by University College London professor Mika Kivimaki “…people who have highly demanding jobs and little freedom to make decisions are 23 percent more likely to experience a heart attack.” What makes this study more frightening is that “Harris Interactive Inc.’s 2013 Work Stress Survey showed that 83 percent of Americans polled were stressed at work, a marked increase from 73 percent in 2012.”

So what makes a toxic leader? According to Chamorro-Premuzic’s article; “When the Boss Needs People Skills”, an analysis of 1,200 sets of 360-degree feedback data found that, compared to their higher-rated peers, bad managers were overwhelmingly described as bad at controlling their emotions, accepting feedback and adjusting their behavior.

Also, a 2013 study “From Engaging Leaders to Enthusiastic Employees: The Role of EQ,” found that managers with low EQ had greater staff absenteeism and turnover, as well as lower customer satisfaction ratings and sales revenues. EQ of managers also proved to be a significant predictor of employee engagement and performance.

TRACOM’s Director of Research & Product Development, Dr. Casey Mulqueen says “Most people become disengaged with their work not because of the work itself, or even the company, but because of a toxic leader. Being a bad boss is a terrific way to motivate your employees – to look for a new job!”

The investments that companies make in developing functional skills, delegation skills and process training often become obsolete before the benefits are achieved. Leaders need to establish a culture of innovation and adaptability by focusing on Social Intelligence. Social Intelligence is the three key elements of personal success: Behaviors, Emotions and Mindset. Developing these elements will separate the thrivers, the survivors, and the departed of tomorrow.

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