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Social Style Navigator for Salesforce.com

The TRACOM Group and Salesforce.com have released the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator for Salesforce.com, which allows Salesforce users to quickly identify the Style of any contact or lead and then use that information to improve the selling process.

To have a successful relationship with clients, sales professionals should understand their customers’ buying needs and behavioral preferences. Salespeople who have the skills to alter the way they sell, based on who they are selling to, have a more effective relationship with their customers. The version for Salesforce.com puts the SOCIAL STYLE Estimator and dozens of selling-specific advice documents within the Salesforce.com platform.

The SOCIAL STYLE Estimator allows you to answer 14 short questions to estimate the SOCIAL STYLE of your prospect, customer, or co-worker and then use that estimate to plan your interactions. The SOCIAL STYLE Advisor is a library of Style-specific advice on dozens of common sales and managerial situations including:

  • Conducting Negotiations
  • Gaining and Building Trust
  • Preparing for a Sales Call
  • Delegating to Others
  • Running Team Meetings

Each SOCIAL STYLE Advisor is tailored to the SOCIAL STYLE of both the salesperson and the customer, so the advice reflects the specific situation and show how to use Style for maximum success.  Research has shown that applying SOCIAL STYLE concepts improves sales results.  In one study, 79% of salespeople said SOCIAL STYLE improved their ability to gain ongoing sales and 92% said it enhanced their customer relationships.

Integration of the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator into Salesforce.com is easily managed even for large organizations.  It can be installed in just minutes and then available directly from Salesforce.com.  Pricing is as low as $45 per year for individuals and organizational discounts are available.  The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator for Salesforce.com is available directly from TRACOM and Authorized TRACOM Associates.  Call 800 221-2321  for information or download a brochure about SOCIAL STYLE Navigator for Salesforce.com here.

The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is also available as a web-based resource or can be deployed on corporate learning sites directly.  Watch a short video of the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator below.

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