How SOCIAL STYLE® Can Be Used to Build Alliances

The Strategic Alliances Fieldbook: The Art of Agile Alliances is a book written for technology and professional services practitioners and executives seeking faster value from their partnerships as traditional alliances are changing rapidly in form and tempo. It compiles a century of the authors’ experience of leading joint businesses to solve the problem of how to go fast and avoid common issues that delay alliances. The reader will get a detailed analysis of professional services companies and technology companies and how the dynamics of their collective culture and operating model are shaped when working in partnership.

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is cited by author Gavin Booth as a useful strategy for building alliances.  Knowledge of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility are important tools for developing rapport and culture.  They help people separate behavioral preferences from business matters, resulting in more focused discussions and more productive organizations.  Learn more about Style.

You can purchase the book here and connect with Gavin Booth on LinkedIn here.